Gold Star Certified, our repair technician has Husqvarna Viking’s highest recognition.        
The benefit to you is accurate in-house service for your beautiful Vikings and other brands of sewing machines.

                    Standard Service includes:                                                   
- clean, oil, and adjust tension/timing;
- check all wiring;
- check motion of the feed dog and adjust;
- a sew test;
- a Happy Machine!
Standard Bench Fee (to troubleshoot the issue in order to provide estimate or determine if machine is repairable): $25 
Standard Service Mechanical Machine: $75.95
Standard Service Computerized Machine: $97.95
Standard Service Computerized Embroidery Machine: 97.95
Standard Service Sewing/Embroidery Machine Combo: $112.95
We sharpen straight edge ($9.00/ea) and pinking shears ($11.00/ea)

Hard-to-Find Machine Accessories & Parts

As older sewing machines are salvaged, we remove usable parts to recycle. Check with us . . . We may have just what you need.

Quilting Services
Do you have quilt tops that you would like to turn into functional or decorative quilts? We can help. Bring us your quilt top and desired backing fabric and we will be glad to quilt it with free-motion or digital designs on our Platinum 3000 Long Arm quilting machine. Our store carries quality Warm and Natural batting and 100% cotton Signature quilting thread.

If you feel like doing the quilting yourself, our Platinum 3000 Long Arm quilting machine can be rented after 2-day certification training is complete (for first-time users/renters). Once you get certified, the machine can be rented any time as long as there is opening in the calendar. Please see details below on this page.

Quilting Pricing by Staff

 Quilt Dimensions: ______x________=_______sq. inch
Set-up fee $25
Quilting Edge-to-Edge free motion $0.02 per sq. inch
Semi-custom quilting (border different) $0.042 per sq. inch
Full custom quilting  $0.08 per sq. inch
Binding (customer provides the fabric) attached to front of quilt and machine sewn to back $0.10 per sq. inch
Binding (customer provides the fabric) attached to front of quilt and hand stitched to back $0.20 per sq. inch
Thread, solid color Singature 100% cotton $15.95 per spool, #40, 3000 yards
Thread, variegated Signature 100% cotton $28.95 per spool, #40, 3000 yards
Batting, Warm and Natural (creme and white) $13.99 per yard
Minimum Quilting price  $50 
***Batting and backing fabric must be 12 inches larger than quilt top***

Please visit our Gallery page to view our completed quilt projects.

Longarm Certification and Rental

Our certification consists of a 2-day class. During the first day a 3-hour class will cover basic operation of a Husqvarna Viking Platinum 3000 Long Arm Quilting machine followed by a completion of a project on the second day to practice and solidify information learned. Please note certification class is not a class designed to learn how to free motion quilt, this class strictly focuses on machine operation, computer controls, and maintenance.  

Cost of certification for 2 days is $45 per person. We require a minimum of 2 students for class to take place. Students are encouraged to purchase special quilter zippers to create leaders that help attach ready quilt top, batting and backing to the quilting frame. Made in advance leaders with zippers help to speed up your setup time, which means you will have more time to quilt!

Once you get certified and ready to quilt, Long Arm machine can be rented. Please read the following details: 

Reservation Cost Preparation
- Reserve in 4-hour block sessions;
- $50 deposit on reservation;
   1. Applied towards total;
   2. forfeit, if no show.
- Cancel at least two (2) work days prior for return of deposit;
- Time starts at reserved time, or when loading machine. 
- Must be certified on the quilting machine prior to renting time; Additional cost of 2-day class is $45;
- $20 per hour rental fee, rounded to the next quarter hour;
- Must buy zipper system to create leaders that will hold quilt pieces (top, batting, backing) and attach to the zippers on the frame;
- Use Signature thread until an experienced user - other threads must be approved by staff. 
- Press all seams in advance;
- Trim all threads;
- Stay stitch any pieced edges;
- Back and batting needs to be 4 to 6 inches larger on all sides than the quilt top
- Pin or baste zipper with leaders

Please call us for more information 210-656-6700. 


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Closed Sundays & Some holidays

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Alamo Stitchin Post is a localy owned certified Husqvarna Viking and Singer dealer and repair shop that offers quality service, sewing and quilting classes, as well as various sewing notions and books.